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Sunnyside Up


Nazi Germany is rampant in Europe, Japan is unravelling Britain’s SE Asian Empire and threatening the United States. The British are tied up is North Africa as Rommel runs riot and the Soviet Union are demanding a Second Front. American boots won't arrive in Europe for another 9 months yet the U-boat and German Battleship menace threatens to starve Britain into submission, which could mean the Nazis win the war. What can be done?

A crazy plan is concocted involving an old American destroyer disguised as a German Navy ship (while actually being packed with explosives), 17 vulnerable wooden-hulled Motor Launches and 621 young men, who are willing to sacrifice their lives for their country in an effort to protect the Atlantic Convoys feeding the only nation which stands in the way of Nazis 1000 year Reich.

‘Operation Chariot’ was a mission in 1942 which still today is know in military circles as ‘The Greatest Raid of All Time’, yet the story is one of the most amazing but least known of WW2.


Working with key industry stakeholders - including the support of the very few existing veterans, along with their families - as well as today's Army Commandos and the Royal Navy, a film bringing this inspirational story to the screen is currently in development at Port 20 Productions.

“It was one of those enterprises which could be attempted only because in the eyes of the enemy it was absolutely impossible.”

—  Vice Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten, Chief of Combined Operations

The Epitome of It All


Port 20 Productions Ltd is currently able to offer investment opportunities to qualified investors with supported tax initiatives such as SEIS and EIS. If you are interested in helping us bring an inspirational story to the big screen please contact us on the email address below. 

Dad and Son Biking


With commercial business success and including world experts on the subjects we choose to tell stories about, the Port 20 team is exceptionally well positioned to drive forward projects working with appropriate partners and co-production companies. 


For all commercial opportunities please contact Andrew J Scott on the email address below.


We were honoured to count Major-General CWB Purdon CBE MC CPM as our Patron. Major-General Purdon passed away in June of 2018. One of the very last Charioteers, he will be sadly missed as both a friend and supporter. Our endeavour remains to honour Major-General Purdon and all those who contributed to the success of this extraordinary story.


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